Friday, January 6, 2012


available free at Amazon beginning today, January 6th, and through this weekend. These stories were previously published domestically and internationally in HJEMMET Magazines in translation to Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian. They have now been compiled for the first time and reissued for Kindle and Kindle applications. If you'd like a free copy, please scroll down to the links provided.


DEADLY THOUGHTS: What price is too high to achieve a dream? Would you draw the line at murder? Abby Branson never expected to be faced with such a question. But in her single-minded pursuit of her dream, she's sacrificed everything, including her marriage. Now, she just wants back what she had - even if it means giving up her dream forever. But it may be too late to go back. Because one man is already dead.

SECRETS: Everyone has secrets. Some are good. Some are bad. For Emily Brandewynne, out for a weekend fling from her marriage, her secret is deadly.

THE PLAN: To get her dream life, Jackie comes up with a plan. But is the plan the key to her dream, or to her worst nightmare?



I hope you enjoy these short stories. Happy Reading! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

News From Karen Fenech - August 2011 - SNOWBOUND

Dear Friends,

I hope you've all been enjoying a lovely summer. The weather has cooled this week and I woke up to a definite chill in the air. It's starting to feel like Fall.

The end of summer starts a busy time for me, and I'm sure, for all of you as well. I try to hold onto these last summer days as long as I can. : )

This year, summer's end marks a new release for me. SNOWBOUND, the second book in my romantic suspense series, The Protectors, is now available. With the increasing popularity of electronic books, I'm so pleased to share with you that SNOWBOUND is now available for Kindle and Kindle applications, and currently priced at $2.99.

Chapter One may be read on the BOOKS page of my website.

About SNOWBOUND: The Protectors Series - Book Two:

When her cover is blown in a criminal operation to apprehend a human trafficker, FBI Special Agent Mallory Burke is put in a car destined for a mountain cabin to be tortured and killed. But a snow storm results in an accident that leaves all but Mallory dead and she finds herself in the midst of the raging storm and in the care of Police Captain Gage Broderick. Mallory's relief that Gage is a cop is short lived. He has secrets of his own.

Gage is haunted by an incident in his recent past. The last thing he wants is to become embroiled in Mallory's investigation - or to feel this powerful attraction to her.

But the lives of twelve women depend on Mallory and Gage working together to stop this man - the women's lives and now Mallory's life. He knows about her. He knows where she is. And he wants her dead.



As always, thank you so much for keeping in touch with your emails and messages to Facebook and Twitter. I love hearing from all of you.

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Did anyone watch the Royal Wedding yesterday? Lol. Okay, enough with that joke. : ) I didn't wake up at 3 am EST to watch the ceremony in real time, though I might have if I hadn't put in a long day writing and found my way to bed just shortly before that. I watched recaps of the ceremony later in the day. I think, though, I missed out on quite a bit.

The recaps that I saw were actually highlights of the event, rather than full recaps, recapturing all that took place. Sure there was the bride's arrival and the awaited reveal of her gown. Her march down the aisle on her father's arm. The reciting of the vows. All of this, though, I found, was broadcast in clips, rather than in one steady stream and it took the immediacy out of it for me. Though I knew what I was watching was being telecast hours later, I would have liked the illusion that the lovely event was actually taking place at that moment. : )

Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's been a while . . .

It's been a while since I've posted anything here. Life and writing have been busy and I've been having a difficult time keeping up. As a result, this blog was put on hold.

Part of the reason it's been so long between posts, is that I haven't known what to write about, what to focus on. Gotta have a focus? Gotta have a theme, right?

Or not.

When I started thinking that I'd like to begin posting here again, I realized that I didn't want the structure of a theme or have a narrow focus. I didn't want any formality at all. The idea of just hanging out here, "talking" about anything and everything feels so right.

So that's what I'm going to be doing here. Talking. If you happen by, I hope you'll join me in the conversation. I would so love to talk with you.

Happy Easter weekend!

Monday, July 26, 2010

News from Karen Fenech - BETRAYAL now on Kindle

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your emails asking when/if my books would be made available for Kindle. I'm so pleased to share with all of you that BETRAYAL is now available for Kindle and Kindle applications. BETRAYAL is currently priced at $2.99.

Praise for BETRAYAL:

"I love a good medieval and Karen Fenech has written a dandy. This one's a keeper!"
--- New York Times Bestselling author Kat Martin

" An excellent read."
---Donna M. Brown, Romantic Times Magazine


To save her son and people from a deadly enemy, Lady Katherine Stanfield marries her former betrothed, a man she'd betrayed but has never stopped loving.

Katherine has never revealed her reason for the betrayal and now, five years later, believes her secret is safe. But someone won't let the past rest. Someone with a secret of his own. She must stop that "someone" because he wants Katherine and her new husband dead.

Link to the BETRAYAL Kindle page:

I hope you enjoy the Kindle edition of BETRAYAL.

Until next time, warmest wishes,


Happy Holidays From Karen Fenech

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all who blogged with me on my mini blog tour last month, celebrating the release of GONE.

The winners of the Amazon gift certificates are:
Mari M., Sue H., Elizabeth W., and Holly D.


If you haven't read GONE, an excerpt can be found below. I hope you enjoy it.

As always, thank you for your letters and e-mails. I wish all of you a happy and safe holiday season and all the best in this new year.

Until next time, warmest wishes,


Excerpt from GONE:

In seven minutes, her mother was being executed.

FBI Special Agent Clare Marshall watched the clock mounted on the wall above her cubicle in the New York City Bureau office. After twenty-four years, three months and four days on death row, the state of Texas had grown tired of providing her mother, convicted murderer Jolene Marie Marshall, with room and board and was going to enact the death sentence handed down almost a quarter of a century earlier. Jolene would die by lethal injection at ten a.m. this July morning.

. . . in six minutes.

Clare had been five when her mother pointed a gun at her head and fired.


Though Clare couldn’t recall it, she’d landed on top of the body of her older brother, Owen. Mama had shot seven-year-old Owen first. She would have shot the baby, Katie, too, if police hadn’t broken down the front door of their government-subsidized apartment before she could.

. . . three minutes.

Sweat broke out on Clare’s upper lip and along her hairline. Her heart pounded. Someone in the outer office laughed. A phone rang.

The clock now read ten a.m.

Clare pushed her chair back from her desk with a screech. The air conditioner kicked on, blowing a gust of cool air down on her, yet the office felt stifling. Her chest felt weighted down. It was hard to breathe.

She had to get out.

She stumbled to her feet and staggered out of her cubicle.

“Clare . . .”

It was her team member, Benita Sanchez, calling out to her. Dimly, Clare recalled they had a meeting to go to. Clare ignored Benny and brushed by a trio of her colleagues grouped in the carpeted hall, waiting for an elevator.

The stairs would be the quicker way down. Clare took them at a run. Her heels tapped against the tile in a staccato beat that echoed in the stairwell.

At the bottom, she headed for a rear exit—away from the smokers who gathered out front to enjoy a cigarette on the lawn.

She shoved the door open and charged into the alley beyond. Hazy sunlight beat down on the cracked asphalt and the faded brick of the old building.

Clare squinted in the sudden brightness.

Fetid fumes from the overflowing dumpster wafted on a slight breeze. Clare didn’t care about the stench. She inhaled deeply, filling her lungs. In. Out. In. Out. When her breathing was regular again, she leaned back against the building. Her white jacket fell open, and a ray of sunlight glinted off the gun in her shoulder holster.

She’d just had what the psychologists who’d treated her in childhood called an “anxiety attack.” Though she hadn’t had one since her teen years, she hadn’t forgotten the symptoms, or what brought them on: vivid thoughts of the day her mother shot her.

The psychologists she’d spoken with over the years had blamed the attacks on fear. She’d certainly been terrified when Mama pointed the gun at her. But it wasn’t fear that triggered her panic, it was the awful emptiness of being completely alone in the world.

Her hands were almost steady now and she pushed damp strands of brown hair back from her face. Her first attack had come on when she awakened in a hospital bed weeks after her mother shot her and was told that her brother was dead, and that she couldn’t see her sister again. Katie had gone to live with a new family forever. At two years old, the baby had been promptly adopted.

The only thing that had calmed Clare was knowing that Mama was in prison. The officials from Child Welfare Services who spoke with Clare believed it was the reassurance that her mother would not be able to hurt her again that had given Clare ease, but they’d been wrong. Clare had been comforted knowing where her mother was—knowing where she could find her.

In the twenty-five years since the shooting, Clare had never gone to the prison to visit her mother, had never written, had never called. What her mother had done was horrific and Clare had not forgotten, yet . . . yet Jolene was her mother. The one person she belonged to and who belonged to her.

Now Jolene was gone and Clare was truly alone. She felt abandoned by the mother who’d tried to kill her. What did that say about her?

She closed her eyes, tight, tighter. Tears trickled from between her lids.

A sound—like the clang of cymbals—drew Clare’s attention.

She opened her eyes.

A convenience store was located behind the FBI office, separated by the alley between the two buildings. The door of the store was flung open. A gangly man, dragging a sobbing woman by her black curls, charged out. The woman wore a sleeveless yellow dress, but despite the heat, Clare could see she was trembling. The man held the barrel of a .45 to the woman’s head.

excerpt - copyright 2009 by Karen Fenech

Thursday, August 20, 2009

News From Karen Fenech

"Karen Fenech's GONE is a real page turner front to back. You won't be able to put this one down!"

"Karen Fenech tells a taut tale with great characters and lots of twists. This is a writer you need to read."

"Brimming with small town secrets and gritty suspense, GONE left an impression this reader won't soon forget!"

Dear Friends,

This year seems to be flying by. Thanks to all of you who kept me wonderfully busy with contest entries. June 30th marked the close of our latest contest. I'm pleased to announce the winner is:

Karen Haas


North Carolina


In addition to processing entries, it's been a busy and exciting time as I anticipate the release of my next novel GONE. The official release date for GONE is October 16th, and for me, the countdown has begun. : )

Here's a little about the story:

FBI Special Agent Clare Marshall was separated from her sister Beth in childhood when their mother tried to kill them. Now Clare learns that Beth lives in the small town of Farley, South Carolina but when she goes there to reunite with Beth, Clare discovers her sister is missing and that someone in the town is responsible for her disappearance.

Clare receives an offer to help with the search from fellow FBI Special Agent, Jake Sutton. The offer is too good to refuse, though that is exactly what Clare wants to do. Jake is Clare’s former lover, a man she cannot forget and who has an agenda of his own.

Now while Clare tracks her sister, someone is tracking Clare, and finding her sister may cost Clare her life.

Many thanks for your e-mails asking when my next novel would be available. Chapter One of GONE is posted to my website. Please visit my BOOKS page to read the chapter.

I'm offering my short suspense story DEADLY THOUGHTS in .pdf as a free read. If you'd like to receive this short story, please send an e-mail to: Please write DEADLY THOUGHTS in the subject line. Thank you for your patience as we respond to your requests.

I can also be found at Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Do befriend me : ) Links to my pages are posted on the "contact" page of my website.

I hope you're having a lovely summer. As always, thank you for sharing your lives with me and for letting me into yours with your letters and e-mails.

Until next time, very best wishes,


Read Chapter One of GONE

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