Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Did anyone watch the Royal Wedding yesterday? Lol. Okay, enough with that joke. : ) I didn't wake up at 3 am EST to watch the ceremony in real time, though I might have if I hadn't put in a long day writing and found my way to bed just shortly before that. I watched recaps of the ceremony later in the day. I think, though, I missed out on quite a bit.

The recaps that I saw were actually highlights of the event, rather than full recaps, recapturing all that took place. Sure there was the bride's arrival and the awaited reveal of her gown. Her march down the aisle on her father's arm. The reciting of the vows. All of this, though, I found, was broadcast in clips, rather than in one steady stream and it took the immediacy out of it for me. Though I knew what I was watching was being telecast hours later, I would have liked the illusion that the lovely event was actually taking place at that moment. : )


Angela Roe said...

I must confess that I had the television on the entire day and I loved every minute of it! I did see the entire wedding, and then a ton of clips so I got the best of both worlds!

Karen Fenech said...

Angela, you did well. I think I missed out on some of the little spontaneous things - like when Harry is at the altar and glances at the bride walking down the aisle, then whispers something to his brother who hadn't yet seen her. I heard about that, which must have been so cute between the brothers and delightful to catch.

Evelyn David said...

I programed the dvr to record the whole thing, then deleted it without watching. I saw the balcony kiss and replays of the first look at the dress and part of the church ceremony. That satisfied my curiosity. Grin. Loved Kate's dress, the veil not so much. Reminded me of a sheer curtain. Oh, well. She didn't ask my opinion.

Karen Fenech said...

Evelyn, that was good thinking to set up the DVR. I never think to record anything for later viewing.

Yes, so true about the dress. Very pretty. I read somewhere that she had certain guidelines/restrictions on the gown such as the dress had to have sleeves. I wonder if that was necessary for the ceremony or, maybe, for a royal bride. Something for me to research. : )