Thursday, October 18, 2007

Medium, anyone?

I don't watch much TV. Like all of you, I'm sure, time is at a premium and we just don't have any to waste watching programs that we don't enjoy. It's rare for me to find a program that I like and that I like enough to stick to, watching faithfully week after week. I found one last season. That program is MEDIUM.

I've never really watched movies or read books that deal with the paranormal. I don't know why that is except that I haven't come across many. I liked MEDIUM from the first episode and I've been looking forward to its return this Fall.

The thing is, I've been watching for it and I haven't come across any new episodes. I'm wondering if I've missed them, despite my best efforts : - ) or if the season hasn't started yet for this series.

If anyone knows which is the case, please do let me know. Maybe I should just ask a Medium. : - )


Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Tortoise and the Hare

My writing isn't coming as quickly as I'd like with my current work in progress. Or so I've been thinking. I seem to have developed this idea lately that I'd written my two previous novels faster than this one. Thinking back on this, though, I realize that wasn't the case. I've always been a tortoise when it comes to my writing, rather than a hare.

I'm a slow, methodical writer. I think each sentence through as I write it, testing it for its purpose in the story. Each sentence must earn its place in my mind first, or it will never be included on the page. As a result, I don't write a full chapter at each writing session, but only a few pages.

I don't complete manuscripts at lightning speed, but, neither do I find myself discarding countless pages when I get to the editing stage. All of the thought that I put into each line makes for tight and accurate writing.

I am definitely a tortoise when it comes to my writing. Since I'm working on my third novel, though, slow and steady works fine for me. : - )


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Writers' Foreplay . . .

Recently, I noticed that over the years I've developed habits or rituals as a warm up for writing and to get the thoughts flowing. I hadn't realized that I was doing anything "special" or maybe what I mean is "specific" to get me in the writing mood. I wonder if getting in the writing mood could be described as writers' foreplay : - )

Before we all start conjuring up lurid images , I think I'd better explain just what I mean.

In an ideal world, we writers would get comfortable in front of our computers (or with pen and paper in hand) and WHAM! brilliant prose and ideas would come to us that we could then just record. Unfortunately, for this writer at least, my writing sessions don't go that way. I've found that I need to encourage the creative process - often drag it forth - kicking and screaming : - )

So, just what do I do? A variety of things I realized. Some days, I read over the pages I wrote the day before. That reminds me of where I left off and puts me back in the lives of the people I've created. Other days, I write a note to myself of what I want to accomplish with the days work - not so much a number of pages, but the plot points and emotions that will move the story and characters forward. Lately, though, I've been doing something different: I've been pondering what type of music - or what specific musical recording would suit the scene I seek to write.

This addition to my process surprised me. I don't play any musical instruments, read music, or know much about music at all. I don't understand why someone as challenged musically as I am would find thoughts of music a stimulant to creativity. I don't know how, or more, why this is working for me. : - )

But, it is. : - )

Today, I'm seeking to write a scene in which the FBI heroine in my work in progress has lost her only lead to break her current case.

Now, what music would suit this scene. . .