Friday, August 24, 2007

Me and Stephanie Plum

I was never a "pet" person. Growing up, our family didn't have any pets, and I never really thought that I was missing anything. Writing is a solitary occupation, though, and while I usually don't mind living inside my own head for much of my day, it can get a little lonely at times. My husband suggested that a dog would be a good companion. After some hemming and hawing, I agreed to visit a pet store. Anyway, I fell in love and we walked out with our little pooch.

After many years of loving our little dog, sadly, she went on to Doggie heaven. Anyone who now has, or has had a pet knows of the void that is left when our furry little creature passes on. Despite the void, though, I'm unable to move on and get another dog. My husband has hinted that I consider another type of pet. While browsing the pet store one afternoon, an animal did catch my eye. That animal was actually a fish - a Goldfish.

Now, when people find out that I'd like a pet Goldfish, it is often implied that this isn't a pet for a grown-up. Of course I live in the world and I know that a Goldfish is typically a pet young children choose or have chosen for them.

Call me the exception to that rule. I stand behind my choice. Stephanie Plum would understand my selection of pet. Stephanie, from author Janet Evanovich's bestselling Plum series, has a pet hamster she named Rex. Just because Stephanie named her pet after a dog, doesn't mean she wishes he were a dog. Rex is plenty enough pet for her, and a Goldfish would be plenty enough pet for me.

I've injected some humor by introducing fictional character Stephanie Plum here. But humor aside, what it comes down to for we pet lovers is that our pets are our friends. My pet friend would live in a small aquarium, perched on my desk. And, when I eventually do come out of my head and rejoin the real world, my friend would be there waiting for me. Now, what could be better than that?


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