Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Am I still Type "A"?

I had a lot scheduled to get done by this mid-week. That's right, I did write "scheduled" as in written down, listed, planned. If you've concluded that I'm a Type "A" personality, you're right. With apologies to other Type As who might take exception, we are described as: work-obsessed, strong-achievement oriented, competitive. I fit this profile too well. : - )

In my typical fashion, I had scheduled work to be completed each day this week, but I've fallen behind. For a Type "A" or specifically for this Type "A" that's a calamity of monumental proportions. : - )

For some reason, though, not being on schedule or on track just isn't that catastrophic today. I wonder if I'm still a Type "A"?

I enjoy doing research and will jump at the chance to read up on almost anything, so I did some reading on the subject of whether or not personality types can change. What I found out confirmed that personality types don't change. We are what we are and remain so.

So if I'm not obsessing about being behind schedule, why aren't I?

Is it possible that I'm learning it's all right to let go just a little? (gulp) That it's all right to deviate from my schedule and actually carry work over to another day or week . . .

I don't have an answer for that. Not yet. I'll know when Friday night rolls around - if there's still work left on my desk : - )


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