Friday, August 24, 2007

SUMMER DAZE (Originally posted to The Five Star Authors' Blog)

The warm weather this week that came along a little early for summer reminded me that summer is near. For me, the start of summer is typically a slow time in my writing. The first warm, sunny days make me want to sit out on my deck, sipping iced tea, and reading a good book, rather than at my desk in my office, writing. I call this state of being my 'summer daze'.

Though it's not officially summer yet, so today can't really be called one of the first summer days, I'm in a summer daze today. The sun is bright and the breeze blowing across my desk is soft and warm. I know I'm not going to get any work done today.

Once the summer is underway, I don't have summer daze. Strange, I guess, that on the warmest, brightest July day, I'm content to be in my office, and writing happily. It's only the first days of the summer that affect me. Maybe it's the newness of the season that I'm aware of and attuned to?

Whatever the reason, when a day like this comes along, I've learned to go with it and enjoy the moment. I hope you are also enjoying this lovely day from whereever you are.


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