Friday, August 24, 2007

WHERE DO I GET MY IDEAS? (Originally posted to The Five Star Authors' Blog)

One of the questions I'm asked most often as a writer is, where do I get my ideas? Sometimes they spring from the humor of my life!

Anyone who knows me, or has visited my website, knows that I have curly hair. Well, after living with it for so many years, I've learned to work with it, and enjoy the versatility of it. It's not a problem for me anymore. On most days, that is.

There was this one day, though, a weekday several years ago, and both myself and my daughter had slept in. Since I was going to be driving her and a few of her friends to school that morning, I not only had to get her ready to leave the house, but I had to get myself ready as well. While getting her breakfast, I caught my reflection in the toaster and saw that my hair was as wide and thick as a mop. I left her to finish eating and went off to fix the problem.

Several brush strokes later, my arm was aching and my hair still looked like I should be cleaning my floor with it. Clearly, there wasn't a quick fix, and I was out of time. I needed to get the kids to school. I was thinking that I'd just have to leave it, and go out into the world with it as it was, when inspiration struck. I grabbed the toque my husband wore during the winter months when he was out shoveling snow from our driveway, and put that on. Now, that should have been the end of it. Problem solved, right? The thing was, it wasn't January, it was June.

Maybe I just should have gone out with my mop-hair?

One good thing did come out of that - the idea for my humorous short story - Bad Hair Day!

I'm not having a bad hair day today. Honest. See for yourself, if you like. I'm at:


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