Friday, August 24, 2007

READING FOR PLEASURE (originally posted to the Five Star Authors' Blog)

One of the questions a reader asked in an e-mail this week was do I read for pleasure? That's a good question. It's understandable that since so much of a writer's time is spent reading for work, could we want to spend free time doing what amounts to more reading?

For me (and likely most writers) the answer to that is yes. There's a difference between what I read for my work, and what I read for pleasure. In my work, I spend a lot of time reading as part of my research. For my book BETRAYAL, a historical romantic suspense to be released this November, I read a lot of history about the twelfth century since that was when the book was set. I read a great deal on the customs and culture of that time period and delved into medical practices and treatments since my main character, among other things, is a medical practitioner. I wanted to true to that time and make my characters people of that period of history with twelfth century interests and concerns.

Though reading for work is essential reading, I enjoy it. Often when I'm reading, I find something intriguing that will spark an idea for a scene, or that I can use to enrich a character. Usually, I get so caught up in the reading that I have to stop myself and get back to the actual writing.

When I read for pleasure, however, I read fiction. I'm drawn to the types of novels I write - suspense. I buy a lot of books, far more than I have time to read, lately. My "to be read" list is very l-o-n-g and keeps getting longer, since I can't resist bringing so many of the wonderful books I come across home with me.

What do you read, either for pleasure or for your job? I'd love to know. Post a response or send me an e-mail at:

We just may discover that we're reading the same book!


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