Friday, August 24, 2007

WHAT'S IN A NAME? (Originally posted to the Five Star Authors' Blog)

I spend a lot of time thinking about names. Actually, I collect them. I write them down in my "name" journal. Since my husband and I aren't planning any more children, that would seem like an odd preoccupation, but the truth is the search for names has become an important pursuit for me.

I wasn't always into names, but as a writer I've found that having the right name for my characters is key. A character named James behaves differently than one named Jim, or Jimbo.

With BETRAYAL, due out this November, I had the great fun of researching names from the twelfth century. One of my discoveries was "Elspeth" a variation of Elizabeth. I couldn't resist giving that name to one of the characters in my story.

If I have the pleasure of meeting you one day, I hope you'll understand if I take out the little notebook I carry in my purse and jot down your name. :-)


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