Friday, August 24, 2007

THE WORST THING ABOUT WRITING (Originally posted to The Five Star Authors' Blog)

Quite often, writers are asked about writing. One of the questions most often asked, I've found, is "where do you get your ideas". I blogged briefly on that topic here, at The Five Star Blog in May, and I'll be blogging on that subject again on November 2nd at "The Idea Boutique".

Recently, however, I was asked a question that I couldn't recall having been asked before. It was: What did I feel was the worst thing about writing? After I gave my response, I thought the question had the makings of an article. And so, I wrote one. The result was a first-person opinion piece that appeared in this week's issue of AbsoluteWrite.

My agreement with the publisher doesn't permit me to reprint it here, but if you'd like to take a look, the link to the article is:

If you'd like to share your own thoughts on what the worst thing about writing is for you, post a response here, or write to me at:


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